Veteran-Focused Beard Oil Helps With Combat/Life Stress & PTSD

Do YOU have a nasty, scraggly, dry-as-a-bone beard? Tired of itchin’ away like a stray dog with mange?

Warrior, I’ve got just the thing for ya…

Buddy of mine, Nick Caris over at is a former Marine infantry veteran and devout yoga practitioner who’s developed a great solution that combines a healthy mix of healing oils with the calming scents of aromatherapy that’ll leave your beard and your brain saying “ŌM man is this good.”

Originally developed to help our brother & sister vets deal with the anxiety, stress, and fears associated with combat-related post-traumatic stress, these oils are all natural, and’ll leave you feeling like a roguishly handsome lumberjack, with the deep forest aromas of “Woodlands”, or like an confident, business-friendly lumberjack with “Calm The F*ck Down”, bringing out that inner zen-warrior with its calming and oh so smooooth woodsy/citrus aromas.

Both bottles not only double as beard oils, but because of their natural essential oils, provide you with the natural healing benefits they have to offer. Hell, even if you don’t have a beard, they have “Bullet Blend” bottles, so you can rub it on, and wear it as a natural cologne.

Why throw your hard earned cash at the big corporations for your beard oil, when you could be supporting a veteran-owned business, with a noble cause?

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