Veteran Says Denial Of Medical Marijuana For PTSD “Big Mistake”

Since medicinal marijuana became law in Illinois, an Illinois advisory board has voted to recommend that post-traumatic stress disorder among military veterans be added to the list of qualifying conditions in the state’s medical marijuana program.

Last week it was denied and now a local veteran says the state Illinois is making a big mistake.

Daniel Jabs enlisted in the army reserve at 18 years old and served as a military police officer in Iraq and Kuwait.

When he returned home in the fall of 2006, the Iraq war came home with him.

“Around November I started having panic attacks, there was a lot more going on, insomnia, nightmares and I finally saw someone and explained my situation,” said Jabs.

A doctor diagnosed him with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

Therapy and medications have helped, but fellow veterans in California and Colorado told him medicinal marijuana helped too.

“So many veterans that put down alcohol tobacco and other drugs and they smoked cannabis and that’s it, and they can live and manage these symptoms in a safe manner,” said Jabs.

Since Illinois made medicinal marijuana legal Daniel was hopeful that cannabis for PTSD would be an option in Illinois

Source: Youtube