Veterans and Mental Health Supporting Military Families Part 2

Veteran’s Mental Health in 2021. The impact of trauma-related issues is on the rise in our nation. This presentation will explore the impact of the current pandemic, civil unrest, lack of mental health, and substance use disorder treatment services on veterans and their families. Less than half of the returning veterans who need mental health and addiction treatment services receive treatment. The prevalence of psychological and addiction challenges in the veteran population is an increasingly significant issue. Mental health clinicians need to understand the unique experiences and needs of this population, whether they are treating the veterans themselves or working with their partners and families. We will discuss how the events of 2021 contribute to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance use disorder (SUD) triggers and explore practical clinical approaches to supporting veterans and their families including virtual resources.


Discover the impact of the events of 2021 on veterans and their families.

Learn PTSD epidemiology, symptoms, and current treatment.

Discover at least 3 virtual resources for veterans with PTSD.

Address common misconceptions about PTSD that may be held by veterans and/or the public

Develop a greater understanding of how to interact with veterans with PTSD

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