Vets Helping Vets TV | DrBryantSpeaks | Veterans Podcast by Dr. Aaron Bryant Episode #3

Episode #3
Veterans Helping Veterans TV
Dr. Bryant SPEAKS with the founder and producer of VHV TV. Sheryl Shaffer is a military veteran who served with an all-female US Army Corps unit. After her service, she pursued her interest in entertainment and worked in the public sector; The State of CA, Equal Employment Department (EDD) before starting VHV TV. Their mission is to Inform, Educate, and Motivate Veterans to Learn about & apply for Potential Entitlements. We present groups and individuals that work on behalf of Veterans.
Dr. Bryant Speaks podcast show hits the reality button that is not always easy to hear. The topic that supports Military Families, Veterans, and Friends. This show brings all the research, data, and information provided by experts and guests appearances to discuss what is relevant and what is needed. Other common problems include Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Problematic Alcohol use, and thoughts of Suicide. Many Veterans suffer from more than one Health Condition. In addition, many Women and Men Experienced Sexual Trauma, including Assaults, while in the Military. Some veterans suffer Combat-Related Injuries, including Mental Health Brain injury. Quality health care is critical as Veterans return to their Communities.
Dr. Bryant served in the US Army with special operations Elite Military Unit called, Airborne Rangers. His unit has deployed all over the world and Dr. Bryant personally has encountered his fair share of various challenges. However, as he looks back, he would have preferred to face what he did during his active duty status versus what he had/is encountering post-active duty.
This show is designed to uncover the issues, programs, opportunities, people, and limitations that are currently in existence.
Martha’s Kitchen
Milpitas Veteran’s Commission
Mission College Veterans center
San Jose State University Veterans center
San Jose Vet Center
Santa Clara County Veteran’s Commission
Santa Clara Water Commission
United Veterans Council
Vietnam Veterans of America


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