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Season 12 Episode 7 | Vets Hunt and Ag-based Solar Cells

Scott Rall and Nobles County Pheasants Forever’s award-winning habitat restoration work and its Veterans Appreciation Hunt and printable solar cells made from ag byproducts are featured on this episode of Prairie Sportsman.

Nobles County Pheasants Forever Chapter President Scott Rall was named the “Volunteer of the Year” by the Minnesota Pheasants Forever Organization in 2010 for his work in leading habitat restoration. Since 2005, Nobles County Pheasants Forever has added 25 public hunting areas for a total of 3,500 acres, and in 2010, 2014 and 2020 was named “National Chapter of the Year.” Rall has been a Pheasants Forever member for more than 30 years.

In 2018, Rall linked up with Warriors Never Give Up and started a Veterans Appreciation Hunt. More than 30 volunteers help with the annual hunt, which provides a day of pheasant hunting and camaraderie for veterans. Many come back from their deployments with post traumatic stress syndrome, and nationally 22 veterans a day commit suicide. Hunting together with other veterans who have had similar experiences creates bonds that help heal.

The final segment features printable solar cells being developed by University of Minnesota Morris and St. Catherine University scientists working in partnership with the University of Newcastle in Australia. The solar cells, made from agricultural byproducts such as corn cobs, are printed in sheets and work like solar panels but are thin and flexible. Because they are lightweight and low cost, they could be installed on roofs or in buildings where panels would be too heavy. The researchers say another application may be in state parks where solar cell phone charging stations could be set up.

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