VICE Canada Story on Virtual Reality PTSD Exposure Therapy

This is a 20 minute piece done by VICE Canada on our work with Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for PTSD with a short segment on our DARPA funded work on the project “Detection and Computational Analysis of Psychological Signals (DCAPS)” in collaboration with Louis-Philippe Morency. The VR PTSD Exposure Therapy project is now releasing a new 14 scenario system and is working on scenarios to support treatment of Combat Medics/Corpsmen and for victims of Military Sexual Trauma. The DCAPS work involves the creation of intelligent Virtual Human Agents that can engage in an interview with a live person. The character, Ellie, can actually sense and interpret non-verbal signals (face and body gestures and vocal prosody) to better understand the psychological state of the person being interviewed. Retired Veteran, Jon Warren appears in the video and is a former patient in our treatment program at the Long Beach VA and who was the subject of a long article in the LA Times in 2013 (Healing Sgt. Warren),0,4657742.htmlstory#axzz2wSpOar2a . Jody Mitic, a Canadian Veteran and double amputee wounded warrior conducts the interview and discussion in this very thoughtful piece. For more info on this work, contact Skip Rizzo at

Source: Youtube