As the title of this story, there is one person that Vice Ganda save from pain, broken heart, illness, and at the same time to overcome depression. Yes, she changes someone’s life even though she didn’t know about her. She struggling until now of that pain and illness, yes she still struggling because this pain continues hunting her in her dream at night. But Vice Ganda is her cure every time she suffers from that pain. Thanks to Vice Ganda she continues to live a happy and meaningful life.
This story is true to life. The person behind that story is very close to my heart and I want to share her story with everyone. First To spread awareness at the same time to reach out for Vice Ganda for her to know the story of my close friend.

[DISCLAIMER] I didn’t own the pictures that I use in this content, I don’t have bad intentions in making this content. I just want to spread awareness for making this content.
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