Violence isn't caused by games

Currently, in the United States Of America, people are trying to either
ban the sale of violent video games or the making of violent games.
Their reason behind this is that they think these games cause school
shootings and school violence. However, most know this is not the case.
The truth behind this is the person’s life and mental state as this can play a
huge role in school shootings. For example, psychotic, psychopathic,
depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder,
delusions, suicidal thoughts or behavior, those who suffer trauma, and etc.

The goverment should not be able to control whether they ban the sale of
violent or R-rated video games. The option should be up to the parents
whether they should buy the game for their child as the parent would
know what would be the best for their child.

Please stop blamming video games for school shootings and school violence.

Source: Youtube