Violent Car Jacking I The Speakmans

PTSD from car Jacking
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Full Medical Name : Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

In February 2007, Stephen Day was subjected to an unprovoked attack, when he was pulled out of his car and beaten up by a group of men. The attack changed his life forever. Left with crippling PTSD, Stephen developed uncontrollable jerking movements which left him unable to eat, sleep or even hold a cup of tea. Stephen has been diagnosed with, suicidal thoughts, depression, PTSD and myoclonic jerks. Taking high doses of Mirtazapine and Diazepam, things reached crisis point this summer when Stephen tried to take his own life three times. Desperate for help, Stephen’s wife sent a video plea to the Speakmans. But can they help him get his life back together?

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