Virtual Meet & Greet with Dr. Amir Hamidi, Hosted by Negin Ragh

On January 31st, the Iranian Americans for Liberty hosted a virtual Meet & Greet with special guest Dr. Amir Hamidi.

Amir Hamidi, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized expert in National Security and global terrorism; highly decorated over the course of his 36 years of distinguished service. He consistently represented the U.S. Department of Justice and supported the prosecution of a broad range of both domestic and international crimes. He served as Country Attaché at the U.S. Embassy in the UAE and a Resident Special Agent in Charge of the USDOJ-DEA. Dr. Hamidi is also considered an expert on Middle Eastern affairs. He also devotes his time and expertise to raising awareness about the brutality and human rights violations committed by the Iranian Regime. Dr. Hamidi was appointed to the advisory board for the Center of Intelligence Studies at Notre Dame College in Cleveland, Ohio. He served as Vice-Chair, Scientific Advisory Board of Veteran, Immigrant and Refugee Trauma Institute of Sacramento, California, an organization intended to develop into a center of global trauma expertise, post-traumatic growth, and psychological integration. Dr. Hamidi also co-authored “Neuro-Psychological of Misconduct in Law Enforcement Officer with Sub-Clinical Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.” This event is hosting by Negin Ragh, journalist and human rights activist.

Source: Youtube