Visiting Tadakeshwar Shiva temple, Gaurav annas scootie PTSD and chilling | DailyV 126

0:00 Hopeswagon is HOGGSwagon
0:32 Early morning to temple
2:16 temple is closed
3:44 Tadakeshwar Shiva temple
9:22 Morning Arati
13:36 Meeting Gaurav Anna
15:21 Ragging Gaurav Anna
18:42 coconut water is mallus right
22:30 feeding pigeons
24:26 Jawahar Kala Kendra Jaipur
30:00 Raiding Indian Coffee house
35:53 Lassi time
38:06 Kanchan Keshri village resort
46:06 Rajasthani thali
50:19 camel ride

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