Vlog: Learning about my Complex PTSD

Video # 926

Q. Who am I?

A. Nobody really, but in the grand scheme of things – I’m just another person struggling to make sense of my marriage, myself and ultimately – my life.

Q. What is this video about?

A. This is a video of me on the early morning hours of my birthday. I talk about my suicidal ideation and the complex PTSD that I am learning about. Hoping for the best.

Q. Why do I post this stuff publically?

A: I have decided to share some of my most intimate video journals publically in hopes to reach out to someone that is feeling alone… like me. Furthermore, I wouldn’t mind an expert’s advice if one should ever wish to look at my channel and watch even just one of my videos. This is my hope – to help someone and to also gain help, wisdom, and guidance for myself.

Q. What will you gain from watching my channel?

A. Hopefully, a sense of community when we can share thoughts and ideas in the comments about the topic I am vlogging about today. Ultimately, we might all come away with a new perspective on ways to address, cope and live with ourselves as well as our partners.

Source: Youtube