Vlog ~ PTSD & Trauma

Here’s my personal website just incase you’re looking to hire me for a service, or personally book me. I also post large amounts of free content & spiritual information for those interested.

Here’s a link to my discord for those looking to join a spiritual community of Witches, Occultists, & More.

Here’s my team members instagrams for anyone interested in contacting lucifers Primordial flame.

Eli – https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=3c3yayrvkt22&utm_content=e0zgdh3

Morgan – https://instagram.com/13sgate?igshid=rpaklb8f21zt

Vincent – https://instagram.com/thee13thgate?igshid=1cbk5o7xav6ai

For those interested we also have 2 Facebook groups for those who are looking to join a community 😉

Coven of the Blood moon – https://www.facebook.com/groups/547070649528396/?ref=share

Lucifers Primordial flame – https://www.facebook.com/groups/lucifersprimordialflame/?ref=share

Here are a few other YouTube channels I highly recommend you to checkout if you’re interested in learning about the occult.

Black dragon immortalis – https://youtu.be/1tf8iNwBgOk

Vidian – https://youtu.be/ZrEs4PvfcyM

Tomb of the sacred scarab – https://youtu.be/ds63oGjVjBw

Connor Kendall – https://youtu.be/q6bxmOn-11E

Infernal Current – https://youtu.be/Zr8t-SHvgyk

Enoch Petrucelly – https://youtu.be/VhdurmybdS8

Eldoria Crow – https://youtu.be/kPUQaZQsGC4

JS Garret – https://youtu.be/3bwGW3GCzYo

These are just a few others, & i normally wouldn’t do something like this, but i feel that it is my job as an influencer to help build the community & support other creators. These are all powerful magicians that i highly recommend you to check out!

Source: Youtube