WandaVision and Escapism

Talking about WandaVision. Also surprisingly I get a little personal. I’m not sure if I like the conclusion to this video but I didn’t know how else to finish it…

Fun little thing to do, ask those around you what their most used form of escapism is. It’s kind of an odd question to ask but interesting nevertheless to hear as most of the time you will get different answers or maybe even the same answer but the reasons for using that form of escapism may be different.

Also I am not an expert at psychology so please do let me know if I made a mistake in my video.

Thank you Janzeib for proofreading the script!! – https://twitter.com/JanzeibHussain?s=09

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0:00 – Content Warning
0:07 – Intro
1:56 – Music Intro
2:49 – A Break from Reality
4:17 – Wanda’s use of Escapism
7:38 – A Reflection of Reality
8:55 – So Long (conclusion)
10:24 – Outro

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