War Torn – Chris Reid (Album Artwork Video)

War Torn by Chris Reid (Album Artwork Video)
Written, Performed, Mixed, and Mastered by Chris Reid

I wrote this song for all the veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after war. My heart truly goes out to them and I hope they can heal from all the pain.

Wake up from a really bad nightmare
Only to realize what is clear
The nightmare was not a dream

The past is the past is what they tell me
But I cling on to the memories
Things are not what they should be

Can’t Deny…
The things I saw…
Those times…

I Tried…
To save those lives
But hope had a another fate that dark night

Flashbacks of a different calling
Some say it’s only alarming
But I call it inhumane

How could you do an act so thoughtless
Acting with no ounce of consequence
You’re not what you should be

Can’t deny…
Those things I saw…
That life…

Will try…
To get rid of this
Worn torn slate in my mind now

The second half of this song is instrumental and is supposed to symbolize the flashbacks that the protagonist of this story is experiencing.

If you or anyone you know does suffer from PTSD, my thoughts are with you.

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