Warning Shocking! ‘PTSD suffering veteran’, shoots himself in the head on Facebook live, 911 call!

911 CALL MADE. Police release details of murder suicide on facebook live. ‘PTSD suffering veteran’, 33, shoots himself in the head on Facebook live after murdering a five-year-old boy and critically injuring his girlfriend. Share or comment on this article: ‘PTSD suffering veteran’, 33, shoots himself in the head on Facebook live. Video of moments before shooting. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6666195/PTSD-suffering-veteran-33-shoots-head-Facebook-live.html
Jonovie Mclendon Jr., 33, executed himself live on Facebook on Friday morning.
He killed a boy, 5, and critically injured his girlfriend, 27, before killing himself.
A friend who served alongside him in the army says he thinks he had PTSD.
The two victims’ names haven’t been released as an investigation continues.
In the video Mclendon says ‘it’s been a long day’ before pulling the trigger. An army veteran who was thought to be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder executed himself on Facebook live after murdering a 5-year-old boy and seriously wounding his girlfriend on Friday.

Jovonie Mclendon Jr., 33, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head on February 3.

Concerned family members dialed 911 saying Mclendon had told them he had killed his girlfriend, her son and was about to kill himself.

‘He just called me a minute ago and said that he loved us and that he killed his girlfriend and her baby,’ Mclendon’s mother can be heard saying in the conversation.

In another call received by authorities, Mclendon told dispatchers he spent three-and-a-half years serving overseas and was ‘just tired’.

The identity of the girlfriend and the 5-year-old (left) haven’t yet been revealed by authorities

He said ‘I’m just saying I’m sorry’ after telling the officers he’d killed both his girlfriend and her son.

Mclendon live-streamed the moment he shot himself to friends on Facebook.

‘It’s been a long day,’ he can be heard saying to those watching.

He later says it’s ‘been nice knowing you’ before pulling the trigger.

Rushing to the Sagebrook Apartment complex in Miami Township, Ohio, a SWAT team found Mclendon and a 5-year-old child dead at the scene.

His 27-year-old girlfriend was found seriously injured but alive. She was rushed to hospital and remains in a critical condition. Police arrived at the home in Miami Township and found Mclendon dead along with the five year old boy. His girlfriend was found alive and rushed to hospital

‘This is tragic for everybody,’ Miami TWP Police Chief Ron Hess said in a press conference on Monday.

Hess refused to comment on details of the weapon used or how many times each victim was shot.

The names of the two victims haven’t yet been released. Jordan King, who served alongside Mclendon in the US Army, believes his friend was suffering from PTSD and lost control.

‘That’s my assumption,’ he said to WHIOTV. ‘I believe he lost control. He raged out and he did what he did…There was no coming back from that.’

A sufferer of PTSD himself, King served alongside the 33-year-old in Germany in 2014. He described Mclendon as a ‘likable’ guy and said he was unrecognizable in the Facebook video.

‘I was like wow, this is not normal. This is not him – this is not normal.

‘I know there was an underlying cause.

‘I’m sure he acted out of anger, because PTSD, you really can’t control it.’

Police haven’t confirmed whether Mclendon struggled from PTSD.

Hess described the incident as a ‘fluid and on-going investigation’.

Ohio army vet shoots himself in the head on facebook live. After killing his son and critically injuring his wife. A army veteran committed suicide on Face book live 911 call made after. Ohio man wounds girlfriend, kills her toddler before taking own life. Man calls 911, says he killed girlfriend, her son. Police: Ohio man wounds girlfriend, kills her 5-year-old son. For confidential support call the National Suicide Prevention Line on 1-800-273-8255

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