Was I Abused? Childhood PTSD Info And Test


While developing a questionnaire to help my clients assess if their present problems are related to childhood growing up, I decided to make a brief video regarding childhood PTSD and the types of trauma family dysfunction.

The questions are designed to help explore childhood. It is not an APA approved clinical assessment and should not be treated as such. It’s something I came up with to explore childhood.

**Some of these questions can apply to other issues such as ADD, ADHD, spectrum disorders and others. A licensed PTSD therapist can further assist you in determining the root of present problems and diagnosis.

***”Sexually off” means the family was off sexually. Some examples –

-infidelity between parents
-asexual parents
-children exposed to or not protected from pornography
-not protecting children from adult sexual concepts
-exposure to sexual ideas too early
-abusive attitudes about gender “only whores dress like that”, “don’t be like your father ..be a man”
-overly sharing with children (poor boundaries)
-too little or too much affection
-parents who are shut down sexually (never re marry, never date post divorce)
-inability to talk about sex in a healthy way (explaining/ helping with menstration/puberty)
-overly religious (sex is bad).
-too touchy or inappropriate comments “wow…your friends are really developing”

I hope it is helpful and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Patrick Teahan LICSW


Source: Youtube