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It is difficult in Psych to know what horrors are real and what are imagined. I play as Alexander Green, who is suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder after a car accident. He has no memory of what happened in the accident and this disorder causes him to hallucinate things and behave erratically. It has been a year since he’s seen his family and after being released from the mental clinic, he is now planning to meet his little sister Sam in a nearby park in order to go home to their parents’ house and celebrate her birthday. Only things don’t go as planned. Sam is kidnapped by an unknown enemy and Alexander is set on a path of decoding riddles and solving puzzles to save her… but the biggest mystery is figuring out what is real and what is imagined?

I record all my walkthrough gameplay on PC. Psych is currently available on Steam in Early Access, with the first two chapters available now and the final three to follow later. Psych is being developed and published by MediaTale.

New episodes weekly

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