We Interview a C&P Exam Doctor on Mental Health: His Thoughts Here!

This is the first episode of a continuing series where we interview Dr. Vonetes, a mental health C&P Examiner. Let us know below if you want to see more!

0:00 Introduction
0:27 Who is Dr. Vonetes? What does he practice?
0:48 PTSD C&P Exams. Mental health C&P Exams.
1:25 How does the doctor define a C&P Exam?
2:20 How our VA attorney defines a C&P Exam
3:15 How does the doctor prepare for a C&P exam?
3:48 What information is the C&P Examiner receiving and looking at?
4:28 Do you prepare the DBQ ahead of time or in person witht he veteran?
7:15 What percentage of veterans that you see are exaggerating or lying about their disabilities?
7:47 What are C&P Exam doctors allowed to ask veterans?
8:54 How honest should veterans be about alcohol and drug use during a C&P exam?
10:10 Why are all mental health conditions rated on the same criteria for VA benefits?
11:20 What is a C&P examiner looking for exactly? How does that impact the veteran?
14:40 What is your interview style when doing a C&P Examination?
16:45 What is suicidal ideation? Should I tell my C&P Examiner about this? Have you had to baker act a veteran?
20:57 How often do you see veterans with multiple mental health conditions? How do you handle?
21:31 Differentiating between symptoms and diagnosis for DBQ
24:12 Are there specific symptoms that make you lean towards certain diagnoses like PTSD?
26:30 Can C&P Examiners switch DBQs if they identify a different condition?
28:18 What are the most common mental health diagnoses you see?
29:10 What’s your take on personality disorders and VA benefits?
30:26 Could a personality disorder be aggravated due to military service?
32:12 How often do you conduct C&P exams?
33:15 What happens when a veteran misses their C&P exam?
36:00 Do you ever see or hear from the veteran after the C&P examination?
36:32 Special tips from a C&P Examiner (Compensation and Pension Examiner)
37:31 Encouraging words for veterans going to their first C&P exam
38:37 Dr. Vonetes’ website and his work

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