We take the ferry to Coronado island.

One of the best things to do in San Diego is take the ferry to Coronado island.

We are win4news reality that every mission action decision can be a win win and we can leave behind the old ways of win lose.

Let’s get together and feel allright is one of our theme songs to help everybody win4news.

Saturday January 13, 2018 on #Win4News we visit Hillcrest San Diego learn why this community a “win win” for Our Most Openly loving Place Award For Helping Our LGBTQ In Need.

Hillcrest San Diego Sets The Foundation Education for helping ALL World Leaders at the United Nations and beyond to make it mandatory for EVERY WORLD LEADER to go visit Hillcrest San Diego.

Go spend time educate, breathe in the love compassion and community of our model city to the world of how every city world-wide should treat our LGBTQ citizens.

A #Win4News goal is creating sister cities of #LGBTQ friendly Hillcrest San Diego in Africa, Asia, Europe, Americas, Middle East & all over the globe!

#Hillcrest #SanDiego has a win win our #Win4Newsaward for the most openly loving city in the world!

It’s our most precious Human Civil Rights Freedom so they in turn know how to turn around go back to help develop nurture thrive LGBTQ compassion within their communities.

On this episode of Win Win Internationals we take a moment of silence for Harvey Milk freedom fighter who was one of the first openly gay and influential Mayor’s of San Francisco. 

Our healthy healing hero Harvey who accomplished great things and duly noted honored that streets in San Diego and around America have his name; there was a movie made about his life story.

We take stock in all those freedom fighters who risked life limb property everything that we nurture more equality just and strong loving compassionate communities.  

None of this is ever easy we must never give up our complacency when it comes to Compassion and Freedom and Equality for all.  

It’s a constant day-to-day vigil in the events we do on a daily basis to honor all those who went through pain and suffering and most importantly overcoming so we own freedoms of today and that we extend these freedoms justice equality so that everybody owns a win win to all. 

This is my life work and book “looking glass shattered” healing workshop: A Revolutionary Approach To Treating Those Suffering from PTSD Trauma: A Mind Body Approach to Healing Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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