Weird Dreams Might be a Brain Feature, Not a Bug (Podcast)

Learn how weird dreams may help us in the real world; how we date dinosaurs; and why a healthy grip means a healthy body.

A theory from AI says our weird dreams help us better perceive the world by Briana Brownell
Our dreams’ weirdness might be why we have them, argues new AI-inspired theory of dreaming. (2021). EurekAlert!
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Paleontologists know how old dinosaurs were when they died because bones are like tree rings by Cameron Duke
Anonymous. (2019, June 11). Which Dinosaur Bones Are “Real”? Field Museum.
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A Healthy Grip Means a Healthy Body by Ashley Hamer
Grip Strength Is Good Indicator of Overall Health – UConn Today. (2011, June 6). UConn Today.
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Originally posted to on July 06, 2021.

Source: Youtube