Welcome to Continuing Hope

It is estimated that post-traumatic stress disorder impacts one out of every 11 adults in the United States. Oftentimes, PTSD is thought of as a condition that only veterans face. But that is not the case. Millions of men and women with varying backgrounds have PTSD as well. Millions more are living each day with some form of depression.

Zach Hutchison is one of those individuals. He has lived his entire life with depression and bipolar disorder. He had exhausted all treatment options before meeting Dr. Mark Garwin at The Albany Clinic in Carbondale, Illinois. Zach learned he was treatment-resistant for depression during his visit and had PTSD, even though he is NOT a veteran.

Zach encourages everyone to be aware of their mental health and consider talking to a professional to determine the best treatment course. He feels so strongly about this that he created a registered 501c3 called Continuing Hope. The group raises money for military veterans who suffer from PTSD or depression. Continuing Hope wants to offset or cover the cost of state-of-the-art treatments for veterans. The group will also provide services for those living outside our area by helping them with lodge and transportation.

Learn more online at continuinghope.com.

Source: Youtube