"Were My Parents Harmful To Me?" Understanding The IMPACT |Psychotherapy Crash Course

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Have you ever heard of the term “developmental trauma?”
If not, you are not alone but you most likely suffered with it at some point if you have childhood trauma. Research suggests that developmental trauma can result of parents who are harmful or from a series of traumatic events as a child. In this video, I will be discussing parents who are harmful and the traumatic impact they have on their children.

Believe it or not, not all parents are good. Some are “evil” and need a lot of help in terms of navigating the role of parent. Parents who are unwilling to give of themselves or incapable of meeting the needs of a child can cause childhood trauma intentionally and unintentionally. Parents who are narcissists, sociopaths, or suffer from borderline personality disorder can cause even more trauma in the life of an unsuspecting child. It’s a frightening reality that my field needs to talk more about.

intro 0:00
Understanding the impact

Incoherent sense of self 5:10
Poor emotion regulation 6:17
Attachment trauma 6:56
Poor autobiographical memory 7:25
Increased sensitivity to the environment 9:22

Obvious PTSD 9:56
Interpersonal conflict 11:02
-conduct disorder 11:44
Personality disorder 13:05

Denial or acceptance of the trauma 14:36
Anger & mental health challenges 16:12
Poor memory/recall 16:56
Altered life script 17:26
Somatoform disorders 18:04
-central nervous system dominance 18:44


Article on attachment trauma:
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