What Brain Damage Can Do

What Happens After Traumatic Brain Injury ? From homelessness to success is the story of one Traumatic Brain Injury survivor.#whatbraindamagecando#traumaticbraininjury#survivor#recovery

If you want to know more about how I navigated Traumatic Brain Injury please visit Whatbraindamagecando.com and check out the about page. There I will tell you more about the circumstances that led to my loss of career, financial ruin and homelessness and most importantly how I am getting back on track one day at a time. Treatment at Denver Health helps tremendously as does a strong support system. Dr Pierce the Neuropsychologist at Denver Health was instrumental in designing my treatment plan and Dr Kornfeld my physician was the one who recognized the Traumatic Brain Injury symptoms and made the referral for me. At Denver Health I am treated by Dr Sharnay Brown and have had Cognitive Training from Sarah Strebel now at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio that really changed my life significantly by improving my cognitive skills exponentially. My friend Shiraki Sensei stood by me and made sure that I was transported to the clinicians even when I severely hurt my back slipping on an icy sidewalk one winter. Being consistent with treatment is imperative to recovery which can take ten years or longer, so be patient. Educating others in your world that you interact with about traumatic brain injury is important. Fortunately for me despite the fact that being a pugilist was instrumental in my diagnosis of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy it is now becoming more known that the Cerebellum is more important than motor control and since daily exercise and the practice of martial arts is part of my daily routine I firmly believe they are an important part of recovery. Recovery means different things to everyone and also is in degrees. For some people after TBI the ability to feed themselves is a huge step and in others the ability to remember to read and write or function at the level they once did is paramount. Traumatic Brain Injury does not look the same in people and one problem is that many times people with TBI look and act normally which becomes the reason why their friends and family may not be as supportive or have expectations that they are the same person with the same memories and same cognition. The point of this video is to show that you can have success in life despite TBI and you have to take time to celebrate or recognize the small accomplishments as this is what will keep you moving forward. The purpose of the website is not to dwell on depression and post traumatic stress disorder but to show what the positives aspects of life are that we can explore. Bees and butterflies may not sound like much but they represent tranquility and calm unless you have a painful experience associated with bees. That said even I have to confront my fears and balance them so in the end its not the bees if you have been badly stung it is your perception of them in the past.Honey is still quite sweet and a pleasant natural treat. Please visit my website What Brain Damage Can Do and you will see in more detail what this video summary was for.

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