What is EMDR & How Does It Work?

01:00 Intro What is EMDR and how does it work? Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. How EMDR was discovered by Francine Shapiro. Does EMDR work? Dr. Alexa Altman Psychologist, PhD
2:57 Will EMDR erase memories?
3:57 Is EMDR hypnosis?
5:16 Is it traumatizing? Preparing for EMDR, Who shouldn’t do EMDR? How long does it take?
10:59 What is Brainspotting?
12:40 Is it good for PTSD or Trauma?
14:20 Can EMDR bring up false memories?
17:16 Can EMDR be done remotely/ virtually?
18:20 What does EMDR look like? What are the different ways that EMDR can be performed? Different types of bilateral stimulation, visual, tappers, auditory tone, auditory music, knee tapping, butterfly hug
25:55 Can I do EMDR on myself?
26:45 How to start EMDR & where to find out more information: https://www.emdria.org/


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