What Is Love? – PTSD and Relationships: PTSD TV Episode #21

Sorry the video cut out halfway through our episode!

Today Brad and I talk about a BIG topic… love!

What is love?

Believe it or not, most people don’t actually know what love is…

They don’t know how to show it, or accept it…. or even what it is supposed to look like.

Too many people put themselves into hurtful and harmful relationships because of a skewed vision of what love really is.

Today we’re going to clear a lot of things up, and show you how to give love, accept love, and how you should love yourself.

Here’s what’s covered…

1 – How to get to 100%/100% Love

2 – How to love without conditions

3 – Why communication is the #1 skill to have, and how to do it in a loving, honest, and accepting way.


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I hope you enjoy today’s show!

To your recovery!

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