What is Post Traumatic Growth | Explained in 2 min

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In this video, we will explore What is Posttraumatic Growth
The obstacles in your life are not always negative if you can see them from the right perspective.

Posttraumatic growth or (PTG) is a positive psychological change experienced as a result of adversity and other challenges in order to rise to a higher level
When we talk about trauma it can be family violence, physical abuse, childhood bullying, a serious car accident, or anything else that has a lasting impact on you.
The most common outcome from trauma is post traumatic stress disorder which is a mental health condition.
But a small portion of people are able to take that dramatic past experience and turn it into their advantage and strength. That is called – Posttraumatic growth.
Posttraumatic growth involves “”life-changing”” psychological shifts in thinking and relating to the world, that contribute to a personal process of change, that is deeply meaningful.
So if you have had huge challenges in your life then don’t think about how unfortunate you are because of them.
Instead, shift your mindset and be grateful for them because every experience in your life (Good or bad) will make you stronger.
Your destiny is in your hands and only you are responsible for your achievements in your life, so don’t waste your time and get to work.
Bad experiences and failure in our life can often serve as a wake-up call that it’s time to change and take a massive action in your life.
“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – The Chinese proverb.

I hope that you enjoyed this video and I was able to give you a quick overview of what Post Traumatic Growth is and how you can use it to your advantage.

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