What is PTSD | How can it affects you | Short video |

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Many people in my community share that they’re feeling stressed – Because they are stuck, emotionally drained, or are dealing with a financial or career challenge.

If you’re someone who can relate to the above, this 3 day stress healing program is for you.
It’s called, “Zero Stress Blueprint”.

During this 3 days Zero Stress Blueprint workshop, you’ll discover:
1. Your stress triggers points.
2. The subconscious blocks that could be draining you of energy
3. Motivation to achieve your desired goals
4. Clarity to create/shape your greatest life – especially during these hard challenging times
5. And much more

Open your eyes to what’s really holding you back.
Work on yourself to the endless possibilities.

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I am an NLP Master Practitioner and EFT Master Practitioner along with other life coaching tools of Reiki, hypnotherapy and emotion code healing. I am here to let people aware about the importance of mental health , bright side of every single thing happened to us , positive ways of handling mind struggles , and thus elevating their life standards.

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