What is the difference between PTSD and CPTSD?

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We have all been showing up here for over 6 years now. A growing collective of adult survivors of childhood trauma from all over the globe (185+ countries) come here and we gather together every Monday night 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern (USA) and we discuss what it looks like and feels like to heal from Complex Trauma.

Everyone who arrives here chooses to be here with us because they enjoy being here with others who have endured similar life experiences as they have.

Everyone here is seeking kindness and love. Acceptance and safety.

We are all adults living with CPTSD Symptoms and we are seeking to create lives we enjoy living. Some topics you’ll find us talking about on this channel are: healing from all forms of childhood abuse and adverse childhood experiences–also known as ACEs. We talk about specific genres of abuse such as parental narcissism, parental psychopathy, childhood emotional neglect, childhood physical neglect, childhood emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, cult and ritual abuse, financial abuse, parentification, infantilization, gaslighting, triangulation, human trafficking, family controlled trafficking, and more.

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***NOTE*** If you do not want to be here to receive and/ or give support in a kind and compassionate way, please leave. You are only welcome here if you are able to be a kind and supportive human to others. We will not waste our time educating you on common human decency. Thank you. Not sorry.

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