What is the link between trauma and psychosis?

So this video answers the question- What is the link between trauma and psychosis? This focuses on diagnosis definitions of psychotic disorders, the biological similarities of trauma and psychosis and discusses a cognitive model that describes the link between traumatic and psychotic symptoms (using case study examples).

0:00 General intro
1:04 Psychosis intro
3:35 Psychotic disorders intro
6:55 Biology of trauma
7:50 Biology similarity with psychosis
8:31 Trigger warning
9:19 Cognitive mode of trauma-psychosis
10:11 Emotion regulation
11:57 Event/episodic memory
12:51 Perceptual semantic memory
13:23 Intrusions (anomalous experience and memory-related)
15:45 Appraisals
17:25 Coping behaviors
18:12 Case study examples
22:09 Trauma therapy overview
24:34 Video conclusions

Hardy, A. (2017). Pathways from Trauma to Psychotic Experiences: A Theoretically Informed Model of Posttraumatic Stress in Psychosis.Frontiers in Psychology, 8:697.

Source: Youtube