What it's like to have PTSD – "The Bottom"

As part of a film project for school, “The Bottom” is my way of expressing what it’s like to have PTSD. After serving in the Army for 17.5 years, I was medically retired for PTSD as well as other service limiting injuries. In 2018, I started seeing a clinical social worker to treat my PTSD utilizing EMDR cognitive therapy. I went to hour long sessions every other week for close to two years. January 2020 I retired and started school weeks later to pursue a degree in marketing. My last therapy session was in the spring of 2020, where my therapist cited that I no longer exhibit any signs or symptoms of PTSD. In September of 2020, the Department of Veterans Affairs also found me free of PTSD symptoms, and declared that I was no longer diagnosed. I hope that others find this video insightful, relatable and are encouraged to seek help. Please share it to any platforms you feel it will help, you do not need to ask permission. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video as well as read this description!

Source: Youtube