What my PTSD attacks look like. This is for educational purposes. Im just explaining whats going on

Post-traumatic stress disorder
A mental disorder that can develop after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying or life-threatening event

I made this video so you understand how it feels to have a ptsd attack, please excuse my ugly ass crying.

PTSD for me has thoughts repeating in my mind and acting on them. I feel like im in the moment and im actually getting hurt somehow. I can feel the punches pushes and all of that.

My coping mechanisms are just biting or my emotional support guinea pigs.

My triggers: Religious parents, homophobes, yelling, putting your fist up, causing another person to have an attack (by accident), getting pushed on my shoulder, the song Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley, police sirens, getting grabbed by the arm, getting reminded of scars, Jesus Take the Wheel, screaming noises,clear shower curtains, brushes, tight messy closets, a certain type of wooden carving, my childhood home, slammed doors, getting pinned down by the neck, having my shirt pulled up or sleeve, big windows, gunshots, sleeping in bed by myself when im alone, the phrase “you’re annoying”, big adult females, walking down an alley way, people who only send an “Only see one time” pictures, and slapping on my forearm.

PTSD is a horrible thing to live with. your so terrified and you feel alone. so you stay alone, dont tell anyone whats going on because you dont want to hurt them too, or you just want to suffer in peace.

Source: Youtube