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On Wednesday I discussed the brain regions that are responsible for the defensive behaviors of our fight or flight response after having experienced something traumatic. Trauma can negatively impact not only the brain but also behaviors in everyday life.

There are a series of predictable behaviors that individuals struggling with the aftereffects of trauma may display. Some of these behaviors are defense mechanisms, while other behaviors are the brains processing of your environment and trying to make sense out of whether you are in danger.

In this video, I discuss some of the behaviors you may be showing if you are struggling with the aftereffects of trauma.

Intro 0:00
Why we are talking about this 1:28
What happens to the brain 2:46
Fear is a wired response to trauma 2:58
Fight or flight turns on unnecessarily 4:24
Integration of memory is difficult 5:37
The past intrudes upon the present time 6:40
Thinking, planning, or organization gets hard 7:44
Tonic immobility 8:36
Collasped immobility 9:23


The shrinking hippocampus https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/news-blog/stressing-the-hippocampus-why-it-ma/

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