What's PTSD V.s What's Human PTSD TV Friday Q&A

What is YOU and what is PTSD?

It seems like a never ending internal battle between you and your PTSD…

I used to always ask myself…

“Why do I always lash out at Brad, the love of my life?”

I could never understand why I was so angry, sad, frustrated, and scared all the time.

It was like I had these two internal forces inside of me fighting to the death.

One side wanted to be kind and loving…it wanted to hold Brad close and tell him how much he meant to me.

And the other side was just pure rage and wanted to pick fights…it wanted to find everything wrong in EVERY situation and make life a living hell.

Why did this happen?

Why did I have these two sides inside of me constantly fighting each other?

These questions caused me so much confusion, guilt, and pain.

I felt like I was this good person, but I would always do bad things that hurt the people I loved…

Things didn’t start to change for me until I realized this…

I learned how to separate myself from my PTSD.

I learned about these two conflicting forces inside of me…

I learned that part of me was PTSD and everything that part of me did came from a place of terror and extreme pain.

And the other part of me was the true me and everything this part did came from a place of love and acceptance.

I discovered what was truly me, and what was PTSD…


You are NOT a bad person.

It’s not your fault that you hurt and lash out at the ones you love.

You went through an extreme amount of pain, and PTSD is the result of that pain.

Realize that PTSD comes from pain, and the part of you that’s angry, sad, and scared is just craving to be loved and accepted by YOU.

PTSD is just a part of you that’s hurt, a part that’s in need of help, love, and healing.

Once I realized this the battle inside me calmed.

I was able to see myself for who I really was, and was able to understand why I did everything I did.

It wasn’t because I was a bad person, it was just because I was hurt.

And the same thing goes for YOU.

I don’t want you to hurt the love of your life in the way I hurt Brad…

I want to help you to heal your relationship and your PTSD once and for all…

I want you to feel love again.

If you want to learn how Brad and I were able not only recover from PTSD, but repair and heal our relationship then I have something for you.

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Talk soon 🙂

To your recovery!


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