Whole Foods Slogan should be Feed Income Equality.

Income Inequality is all too common in the United States and it seems no one in the Corporate U.S. cares or does anything for a permanent fix.

The reality is that the income inequality is worse then what we THINK!

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#Win4News is live outside a Whole Foods store in Hillcrest San Diego on January 25, 2018 pointing out that there is GREAT food on the inside however outside the store there are many homeless sleeping in the streets.

The level of income inequality in the U.S. is sickening and our elected leaders are doing little to nothing to address the deep societal issues that are the cause of this.

We can all cure many of our societal issues by bridging the gaps of income inequality by providing good safe healthy “quality assurance” healthcare for all with a single payer health system that will SAVE tax payers money and end medical debt which is a major cause of homelessness and bankruptcy.

We can provide free quality education for all to enable people to get a leg up instead of a handout. We can also vastly reduce or eliminate student debt which is another cause of homelessness and bankruptcy.

We can provide a Federal Jobs program that enables everybody who is able to take a job that is tailored to their unique skill sets.

The U.S. was bought and sold to the Corporations. USA is not a country like Holland where they CARE about people we are a corporation; even our homeless shelters. Our hashtag is #MakeUSAACountry


Our USA HUMAN RIGHTS records are in the toilet; we must stop our wars, stop Prisons from making profits, teach critical thinking and help human rights equality to be for all people have nots and minorities.

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We are #TheResistance until America goes from its current corporation to be an actual country like Holland we all #TakeAKnee 


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