Why Are We Not Discussing This? (Childhood trauma, CPTSD, alternative schools, we need to fix this)

Content Warning: discussion of mental illness, childhood trauma, sexual abuse

While I am aware that many, children go through similar things and do not end up in alternative programs, this video focuses on the fact that there are little to no studies on the long term effects of those programs.

Thank you so much for watching this video. This is an extremely complex topic that I was really only able to scratch the surface of. It was very hard for me to get this out and I wish I could have done a better job at covering the gamut of issues here. This was incredibly emotional and every aspect of this topic needs to be discussed with calm clarity, which was not something I was fully capable of once finishing what had been prewritten. It’s taken me years to write most of that. I understand that 44 minutes is long and not many people will want to watch, however it is extremely important that we begin a public discussion regarding trauma, mental illness, alternative schools, the racial disparities within them, and the long term impact these schools have. There seems to be very little research done on adults who have gone through these programs. Not all, but many of the individuals I know who attended continue to struggle, or are unable to fully thrive the way they would like and/or need, without assistance. And unfortunately, several have since died. Yes, there are those who do benefit, however that only highlights the need for more expansive programs catered to each learning style, emotional, physical, financial, or mental health need, individual child, and their support systems. And not just supporting them during childhood but throughout their lives.

But it’s more than just the schools.

Considering the number of mass shootings, school shootings, children being held in cages separated from their families (who are being kept in somewhat larger very crowded cages), the fact that the leading cause of death for young Black men is getting shot by the cops, Black trans women being repeatedly targeted, pretty much everything Black individuals have been dealing with for hundreds of years… these are issues that must be discussed now and how we’re going to support those who experience them. We should also be discussing more than just how to help the victims of trauma. We need to work towards ending these problems.

This is not about me, although there is a lot of personal information. And I’m aware of potential retaliation against me. This is about change, and working towards building a better world for those who live in it now and those who will be here in the future.
Literally millions of lives are at stake.
So, whatever.

You do not have to agree with me, however we cannot continue to fail our children and the adults they become.

I’m not the best researcher but, resources referenced:

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Additional Articles:

Alternative Schools: Short-term Solution with Long-Term Consequences


A Day With: Complex PTSD

And to those who may be wondering why I’m homeless right now:

I am grateful for the friends that I do have and the assistance that has been temporarily provided by them, but now it’s time to go. Thank you, I appreciate you and cherish you deeply and appreciate the hospitality that has been extended. It’s ok, I will find a place, and until I do, at least I have the rental car to get to and from places. The issues that I have complicated and irrelevant. This has been shared to bring about awareness and change regardless of what happens to me. Because we need to work on and fix the issues we have as a nation. Don’t worry about me. It’s ok. I know I’ll be fine.

My being homeless was my choice. I chose to finally confront those I had been living with about their racism. It took me a while to fully realize what was happening. While each of us does have the right to our own opinions and beliefs, we each need to understand how those beliefs shape our interactions with the world. They do not, and are in complete denial.

I chose to leave. Continuing to stay meant I would continue to remain complicit in their white supremacy.

In the grand scheme of things, my life is but a blip, and none of us, NONE OF US, have lives worth more than anyone else because we are white or have any other kind of privilege.
In no way do I regret my decision.
We can’t keep on like this, it needs to stop.
**somehow missed a bunch of info on youth homelessness. See comments. It’s important.

Source: Youtube