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these videos were all taken by me and i would be happy to send them to you, you can always dm me on instagram @shoukasflukes and i will gladly send them.
this video is for all of the orcas who have changed my life for the better. any hate/ negativity will be deleted because this is a safe place for everyone to be.
this is how they changed my life

shouka- i met shouka when i was 2 years old, i fell in love with how majestic and beautiful she was. me and shouka have since then created a bond and she truly does make my heart happy through all of the pain that i have gone through in my life and she will always be the one who has started my journey in this community.

orkid- i met orkid when i was 5 years old, she caught my eye and i was very interested in her eyepatch for some reason, it’s just very unique. i began to do more research on orkids life and learned so much about her. i was recently diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) and i have learned that orkid apparently suffers from it as well. i can relate to her feelings and i have fallen in love with her personality and how smart she is. i love my rocket scientist and always will.

kasatka- kassy was the first orca i ever met at swsd and she was in the dining pool at the uv, she kept swimming up to me and looking at me. i played with her for hours, she followed me when i walked around and she never failed to make me smile. the way she would look at me, i truly fell in love with her personality and how beautiful she was. kassy truly inspired me to start working with orcas as well as shouka. even though kasatka has passed away and i still do mourn over her passing. i will never forget how perfect she was.

kyuquot- i met kyuquot when i was around 3, i was amazed at his size and how sweet he was. i was so confused on how he was so strong but yet so gentle. i used to call him my little kybear. i loved being able to get close to him and interact with him as if he was a person, and i love kyky with all my heart.

kamea- when kamea was born i fell in love with her, i love her personality and how much energy she holds, i’m still getting to know lil mae mae but i’m truly so excited to learn more about her and make more memories!

keiko- the second orca i was ever aware of, i was 5 years old when my mom brought me home the movie “free willy” i never really understood it as a child, a few years later i decided to watch it and it brought me to tears, keiko inspired me to never ever give up and to keep fighting for what i deserve, i plan on getting a tattoo of his little freckles on his chin to remind me to never give up. keiko will always inspire me and i’m never going to stop loving him.

tilikum- my tilly, the most controversial whale that i have heard of. tilly stole my heart when i heard his story. i was heartbroken, and it hurt my heart to know what he went through. tilly helped me get out of my dark state of mind, when i was battling depression, i found myself being able to relate to him. i often find myself daydreaming about him, and wondering how he feels now, even though he passed, i like to think he’s peaceful, relieved, and content. tilly will always be the one who helped me when i needed it. i miss him more and more each day. tilly, thank you for everything, you are my angel, my savior, i’m sorry about what you went through, i will never stop fighting for you. you deserved the world i love you more than life itself. swim in peace.

these are some of the many orcas that have helped me through everything in my life. i will never forget these whales and i know how lucky i am to have known them. thank you to all these whales, they have truly made my life so much easier and i now focus on the positive and beautiful things in life. this is only some of my story. and if you are still reading. i love you, thank you for supporting me and caring. ❤️

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