Why I won my VA claim (I finally got serious about it!)

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How I won my VA claim Topic/Timestamp
02:01 I don’t even know if I got a C&P exam
03:48 We talk about mental health
05:37 I never actually started taking my claim seriously until 2015
08:41 Get your C-file and learn what your past mistakes were
10:28 Look in your C-file
11:10 Hire Va Claims Insider
13:07 Your VA decision letter
14:47 Sleep Apnea is a new diagnosis for me
15:45 Check into your private medical records
18:27 Cognitive behavioral therapy
19:13 Generating medical evidence while you’re in the claim, while you’re in the claims process
22:38 Get that PTSD diagnosis
25:17 Short term memory loss, PTSD
29:06 Having my pain management doctor do my DBQ

Hey guys, how’s it going? Combat Craig here. Been a while since I tried to find the Live button here. Looks like everything’s working okay, so let’s get into this. So I titled this one Why I Won my VA Claim and the reason is I finally got serious about it. So I’ve gone round and round with the VA for about 27 years and at first I didn’t even know what I was doing. I got out of the military, got out of Desert Storm, had a lot of mental health issues, still have a lot of mental health issues, but I didn’t even show up for my final exam. That’s how into this whole thing that I was. So whatever got kicked out, I’m over it. “Hey, show up for your final exam.” Like, “No, I’m not doing anything you clowns tell me what to do anymore. It’s my time. I’ll do whatever the hell I want to.”

So again, in my own way had no clue. I was 21 and I probably didn’t even think I was going to live til I was 30. Definitely didn’t care what the military thought or the government thought, so that was where I started going wrong. That’s how I entered the VA claims process. You guys have probably done it different ways. My point about telling you this is I’ve definitely made mistakes for sure, not showing up to my final exam to get the stuff documented. So basically what happened and I didn’t even know this until I got my C file looked at it. Basically they’re like, “All right, cool. You got problems with your left foot and there’s a few other things.” So I didn’t even show up for the exam.

I don’t even know if I got a C & P exam, but if I did I didn’t show up for that either. So it’s like, “All right, cool. Veteran didn’t show up for final exam. Veteran didn’t show up for C & P exam. It’s ratings time. Veteran has no problems, didn’t show up and didn’t care. 0%, nothing service connected.” So that’s how I started it. So this May, I’m old. I’m 51. Internet wasn’t around. This type of education wasn’t around. VSLs never helped me. I know there’s a couple of them that are good out there, but at the time there was no help. So that’s kind of how I started. I went back. That was 1992. ’91 or ’92, so long time before I came back again. 2008, I’m ready to do this.

I think I’m a little bit more serious about it, but I wasn’t ready for the pressure of the VA to come crushing down on me. Go into the VA, I got my foot claim. That’s another thing. When they say something’s wrong with you, they don’t say mental health. They definitely, if you’re a combat veteran, they don’t say PTSD because you don’t say anything about it because you don’t report it. You don’t even know you have it. You’re in a combat zone of some sort or something traumatic happens to you and it’s post traumatic stress syndrome. So you don’t even… I’m sorry, post traumatic stress disorder. So you don’t even know you have a problem until after, post the thing. If you’re just in it, in a war zone, just bombarded with whatever you’re bombarded with for months on end, it’s hard for you to tell what the hell is going on. You’re just in it.

I finally won my VA claim when I decided that I wanted to win my claim. I adopted a winners mindset and I told myself that I was winning no matter what obstacle is thrown in front of me.

I got my file and found my past mistakes. I found the evidence VA used against me and I, in turn, used it back against them.

I educated myself and hired an expert

I generated medical evidence prior to filing my claim (and I still do)

I kept a level head and trusted the process

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