Why nightmares are good for you? Here are 9 reasons!!

Why nightmares are good for you?
Ever had nightmares or bad dreams, we all had bad dreams and nightmares. Science can finally explain some of the benefits of nightmares, so they are not that bad after all. Apparently they had some silvering to them. Here are 9 reasons why nightmares or bad dream in our sleep can be actually very helpful for our health and well being.
With more research we have been able to understand the science behind dreams and explain it better.

After a traumatic event, people often relive the experience in their dreams.

Survivors of serious car and motorcycle accidents still have nightmares about them months later, one study found, and these recurring dreams were linked to long-term sleep problems. Another study reported that about 21% of women who were victims of physical assault experienced nightmares three months later, and those who were having such dreams were more likely to develop post-traumatic stress disorder.
It doesn’t sound helpful, but there is a flip side to these findings: Nightmares in the first few weeks after a traumatic event have not been associated with health problems, and experts think they could actually be beneficial.

In the overall population, about 85% of adults report having at least one nightmare in the past year, and 8% to 29% have monthly nightmares.

Source: Youtube