Why PTSD and Substance Abuse Affects Traumatized Victims

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People traumatized by domestic violence and mistreatment are likely to suffer from PTSD and substance abuse or addiction. These two conditions have an intensely negative impact on a person’s health and wellbeing. Typically, survivors from trauma are most likely to struggle with relationship problems, mental disorders, job-related instability, and drug addiction than any other person.

Usually, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) occurs if the above consequences are life-threatening. PTSD can significantly affect individuals’ quality of life, placing them at risk of alcohol and substance abuse, depression, mood disorders, and suicidal behavior.

Nonetheless, not everybody who has undergone a traumatic event or incident will develop PTSD. However, people struggling with this disorder are affected in every aspect of their lives. Significant effects include emotional and physical health, daily social communications, and occupational functioning.

Some sources of trauma that result from exposure to shocking or risky incidents that threaten the safety of people include:

Natural disasters
Car accidents
Sexual assault
Political suffering and torture
Child abuse
Violent robbery
Military combat

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