Why The Rapist Harley Johnstone Targets Girls With PTSD

If you’re new around here and wonder what this is about, here’s a post to bring you up to speed: https://steemit.com/durianrider/@michaelhebo/harley-durianrider-johnstone-a-scammer-a-fraud-and-a-rapist

If you’re a journalist, or you know a journalist that would be interested in covering how YouTube protects a person who uses their platform to slander and harass, and commit crimes like fraud and sexual assault, feel free to reach out:

If you’re a regular, feel free to help me reach out to Philip DeFranco or others to bring attention to how YouTube allow this fraud to continue to violate their community guidelines.

YouTube’s community guidelines are just a facade to please advertisers, they won’t actually enforce them unless there’s a backlash for what they allow.

Source: Youtube