Why Traditional Drug Treatment Has Failed & What to do About It

Evening discusses drug addiction as a symptom of complex trauma (cptsd), and why current drug treatment methods are failing miserably, and no one is talking about just how bad it is..
Not until her son died did anyone ever tell her that traditional drug treatment fails in over 90% of cases, and even worse for regular heroin users. PTSD and substance abuse alternative strategies for treating drug addiction as current methods fail and why 12 step philosophy is out of date, and is not able to address the complexities of today’s addict. From diverse trauma backgrounds, to a wide age range and a plethora of possible addictions, things for my son were not the same as they were for poor drunk Bill who started AA almost 3/4 of a century ago . With a 90% failure rate it is hard to imagine why there aren’t more alternatives to choose from, but a few places are getting the idea that we can’t just put addicts together and take away the drugs and expect success. There must be a replacement and there must be a wholistic approach to healing and lots of support. The program must also be individualized and focused on everything except their addiction to drugs. Less emphasis on drugs including pharmaceuticals for depression, anxiety, sleep, ADD. One size fits all program doesn’t work for survivors with CPTSD.

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