Why Trauma Affects Some People More Than Others, with Dan Siegel

In Why Trauma Affects Some People More Than Others, Dan Siegel, MD, looks at how trauma impacts the brain and nervous system, and why some people are more affected by a traumatic experience than others.


Dan, who often enlists mindfulness and the wheel of awareness when treating PTSD, shows what can happen when trauma overwhelms the brain’s capacity to cope.

And this can often start with how a person is resourced to be able to handle a distressing experience. What is traumatizing for one person may not be for another.

The brain is constantly taking in stimuli from the outside world. And it sends this steady stream of energy flow through the nervous system.

When there’s trauma, the nervous system can can get disrupted in the way it normally processes that energy. That’s because the trauma has never been integrated into the brain and nervous system.

This is where therapy can have its greatest impact. Some might say that the main goal of psychotherapy is to create more integration in the client’s brain.

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Source: Youtube