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Hi everyone 💜
Welcome to SimbleThings, the channel where I talk about living with C-PTSD

For most of us work is something you can’t get away from. One way or another you need money to live, and for most of us that means working at least 5 days a week.

Sometimes it feels like workplaces could be much more accommodating for us, but then when you think about it there isn’t a way that could feasibly happen the way that we would like.

Workplaces in a Capitalist world can’t be truly caring, because in a Capitalist work you need an underclass. You need people who are broken, living on the streets, who are seen as outcasts. Because if those people didn’t exist, then we wouldn’t be so scared into filling all the minimum wage jobs that are out there!

Understanding how Capitalism affects our daily lives can at least give us a better point of focus for understanding why things can be so hard for us when it comes to work. And maybe that can help a little?

I honestly have no idea, when you have a channel about C-PTSD it’s not like all the videos can be super cheery, but at least through understanding we can try to make our day-to-day lives better.

Thanks for watching, and remember there is always help out there

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