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Widnes park gang attack girl left with PTSD

A 14, year-old girl who was left “unrecognisable” after being attacked has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, her mother said.

Natasha Roberts was repeatedly punched and kicked by a group of about 30 girls and boys in a park in Widnes in April.

Jenny Roberts said her daughter is unable to go back to school due to anxiety and still has panic attacks.

She described the people who filmed the attack and posted it on social media as “sick”.

The schoolgirl, then 13, was punched almost forty times and left with a broken nose and cheekbone in the attack which was filmed by members of the group.

Two girls, both aged 14, pleaded guilty earlier this year to assault at Warrington Magistrates’ Court and were each given a 12-month referral order and ordered to pay compensation.

Ms Roberts said her daughter thought “she was going to die”.

“I didn’t recognise her at all… there was just blood all over her face. Her cheek was sticking out, her eye was starting to swell up, she had a massive chunk taken from the top of her head.”

‘They think it’s funny’

Ms Roberts said her daughter “didn’t know she was getting filmed” but when she went to hospital, people told her they “had seen it online”.

“I just couldn’t believe it – I was in absolute shock. It’s horrendous and it’s sick to me.

“Why didn’t anyone phone the police? Why did everybody stand there around watching my little girl get beaten up like that?

“They think it’s funny to have a fight and film it but they don’t realise the consequences of sharing these videos, putting them online and laughing about it.

“And this is happening every day. I see it on Facebook. It’s happening to other people and to their children.”

Ms Roberts said while it was distressing for her daughter to watch the footage back, the video helped lead to the conviction of her attackers.

Natasha has tried to return to school but “as soon as she puts that uniform on she feels sick, she has a panic attack and she just can’t do it”, her mother said.

She said the teenager now wants to send a message to people going through bullying ordeals like herself that they “can get through it” and “not to give up”.

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