Wind Therapy for the treatment of PTSD #PTSD #HarleyDavidson #Veteran

Wind Therapy for the treatment of PTSD #PTSD #HarleyDavidson #Veteran
DISCLAIMER !!! I’m not a Dr. but Im a Combat Veteran from OIF!

Father, Son, Marine, Combat Veteran trying to help change the tide of Veteran Suicide with Wind Therapy!

I’m using this platform to talk about how PTSD has changed my life and at the same time will be a running log so by kids can always go back and see why I was the way I was and how PTSD destroyed so many of my relationships.

This might shine a light on PTSD so a family can better understand this issue and take the step to change the outcome, and at the same time redirect all the hate and anger.

I’m not a Dr. but my first experience with this illness was in 2005 when I was deployed to the Al Anbar Provenience serving with 3/25, 3/1, 6th ESB and 8th ESB as the Combat Engineer support with the United States Marine Corps.

My only goal from this is for families to understand how PTSD can destroy relationships and friendships.If I can save just one person then this is all worth it! I find treatment in helping others that have PTSD.

I have found that Wind Therapy is a powerful tool with many supporters in the Harley-Davidson community!
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