Winning 100% VA Unemployability for PTSD: TDIU

Learn how to prove VA unemployability for PTSD during today’s CCK LIVE! TDIU allows Veterans to be compensated at the 100% rate, even of their conditions do not add up to 100% using VA math. Learn what VA looks for when adjudicating unemployability claims for PTSD, the types of evidence that can help you, and practical tips from accredited VA disability attorneys!

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0:00 Introduction
0:49 What is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?
2:00 Getting service-connected for PTSD
3:23 PTSD stressors explained
6:16 VA Disability Ratings for PTSD
8:37 What is VA individual unemployability (TDIU)?
9:36 TDIU Requirements
11:05 Proving your PTSD qualifies you for VA unemployability: Types of evidence to submit
15:50 Other types of evidence to prove entitlement to TDIU
18:58 100% VA Disability Rating vs. TDIU
21:15 Closing thoughts and tips for your VA claim

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Source: Youtube