Women In Transition – Mental Health, Educational Systems, Relationships

Women discussing Mental Health issues, Educational Systems that impact public perception and roles for women, and Relationship Power Dynamics.

We invite Sanelisiwe Dyusha to host the session and have Natasha Nkabi and Siyasanga Sebe talk on Mental Health issues.

Natasha suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and Siyasanga is a diagnosed bipolar patient. They talk about their experiences of living with their conditions and how the world looks in their eyes and how they maneuver it.

The conversation transitions to Educational Systems and how they impact their family setup and society. Siyasanga explores how the multiracial school culture has affected her kids and how she moved them to the village in an attempt to educate them about their African heritage and cultural principles. Natasha touches on the perceptions the black community has of someone who speaks the English language well.

The discussion progress in closing to how the relationships between men and women affect women’s self-esteem, knowledge of self, values, and more.

Source: Youtube