Words to humanity


My name is sev. I’m an outsider. I fell ill with post-traumatic stress disorder many years ago. I’m an outcast. They call me a Freak. A psycho. A loser. For me, i’m a lone wolf. An outlaw. I’ve never had the feeling of having arrived home. A constant panic lurks inside me. I’m tense. Restless but tired and sad at the same time. I’m not against humanity, but I’m against this development. Why? Cus society in this circle has forgotten how to feel. Stress, frustration and anger made them blind. This society doesn’t fight for improvement or help mother earth to recover from our mistakes. No. People are against everything because they want to be against everything. When there is nothing left, people look for something new that they can stay against everything….Cus they don’t want to confront themselves. That’s why I’m tired of this society. Tired of feminists, the word homosexual, Nazis, Politics,..and all that from human created words! I’m for something that hardly anyone can feel anymore: Humanity. Where you show feelings without killing with words. Because words don’t contain life or your existence. Find your inner peace. Find your feeling and finally stop hating. Please stop hating. It got so loud. The birds are singing, the wind is whispering, the trees are listening. But your loud voices, machines and destruction disturb this peace. Stop hating. Please stop hating…and stop talking. Stand still, just for a moment. Breathe and see the value of being alive. Be thankful. Life is not forever… Realize that… It isn’t forever.


Source: Youtube