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Many people would easily classify a back injury from lifting a heavy object or a broken wrist suffered when slipping on the wet floor of a manufacturing plant as “workplace injuries” and eligible for workers’ compensation, but there are also other ways you can potentially suffer harm at your job — some of which may take a long time to develop.

Here are some examples of potential “non-traditional” workplace injuries or illnesses:

Repetitive Motion Injuries — Cumulative ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome from frequent typing or tendon & ligament injuries from repeated motions.

Psychiatric Injuries — Post-traumatic stress disorder or mental & emotional damage suffered due to a violent workplace incident or hostile/unsafe working conditions.

Chronic Illnesses — Mesothelioma and other physical diseases can result from workplace exposure to asbestos or other toxic substances.

Though these physical and mental issues do not result from a common workplace accident, they are no less real and are eligible to be claimed for workers’ compensation.

If you have been diagnosed with a health condition that you believe is a result of your job, you have the right to seek compensation to provide coverage for your expenses.

Securing the services of experienced workers’ compensation attorneys is your best course of action.

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